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Really Black Women?
The Disturbing Display at Mega Fest with TD Jakes Last Night Arizona Bureau 08/30/2013

The performance last night at Mega Fests' Woman Thou Art Loosed was one of the most perplexing and disconcerting events I have seen in years. I mean, besides the fact that Tyler Perry was there too at this women's conference, I want to outline some highlights that made me just want to jump out of my skin – and not because the Holy Spirit “woo'ed” me. Yes TD Jakes actually said that last night and we ate it up. READ MORE

Mega Fest Mess: Madea Gives a Milli
and Lays Hands? Arizona Bureau 09/02/2013
By Mz. Justice

Let's all just look at this picture for a moment. Take it all in. Now in my last article, “Really Black Women?”, I did not put a lot of focus on Tyler Perry being at Mega Fest in the first place. But then I see this picture floating around in social media. We predicted Mega Fest would be bad. But this story surprises even us. We did not know it would be THIS bad. After examining this photo and watching the video capture, I have a few questions for Mega Festers.

Operation Blessings Was Really Operation Blood Diamonds
How Pat Robertson Took Millions In Donations
And Funded Diamond Mines In Africa! New Orleans Bureau  09/08/2013

It has been 28 years since a few recording artists came together to sing “We are the World” which provided direct aid to starving families in Africa. This famine fighting song proved that if you get the message out there, and show the images, Americans will respond with cash for the cause of fighting  hunger. The unfortunate side effect of We are the World has been all of the Greedy Pastors who produced their own covers of the song, but kept all of the money.

There is a new documentary coming out that promises to expose how Televangelist Pat Robertson raised millions in the name of aid for Africa, and spent just about all of the donations on Diamond Mines. READ MORE
How To Become A Mega Church Pastor?  Your Turn To Scam Christ
On This Broadcast Of Church Folk Revolution Radio We Explain How Easy It Is To Become A Mega Church Pastor And Get Rich! New Orleans Bureau 09/08/2013

On this episode of Church Folk Revolution we look at how easy it is to become a Mega Church Pastor. We also asked the following question: With all the money in Preaching why are you now not preaching? So much of money from communities across this country is being hoarded by Pastors who have gone from average every day working people to millionaires in only five short years. How To Get Mega Church Rich?
Spooky Church Urban Legend Series
Soul-Ties Arizona Bureau 09/09/2013

By Ms. Justice

After watching some of the most ridculous messages on the topic of so-called “Soul Ties”, I decided I couldnt take it any more.

I have to say this and you can hate me later. We black folk can be some of the most superstitious, spookiest people I know. Yeah I said. I'm so tired of the spookiness, I have decided to do a series of articles called Superstitions and Church Urban Legend/Folklore.

There are so many more synonyms I could come up with for this subject, but this will have to suffice. I have to decided to launch this series with the topic of Soul-Ties. I have been hearing messages on this topic for the past twenty years. I have had enough of this manufactured, made-up, haunted, tormenting – ok I'll stop now with the adjectives.

Let's talk soul-ties. The term itself is so known among our community, I found it in the urban dictionary. May I add, the same dictionary where “Twerking” is found. READ MORE
Your Tithes Going Down The Toilet!
IN THE Church Atlanta Bureau 09/21/2013

By: Sister Liberty

I Love Black Men.

I love the way they look. I love the way they talk. I love the way they think. I love the way they protect and care.  I love the way they fight for what’s right. But there’s something about Mad Church Disease that weakens all the things I love about black men.  There is something about Churchianity that turns these LIONS of men; these inspiring, sexy, beacons of strength to trained lap dogs. What could it be? Here’s my theory…See Armor Bearer Training Video
Just Get Over It?
What Not Say To A Victim Of Abuse 09/21/2013 Houston

By: Cheryl Brown

Just Five Minutes With A Victim Of Abuse

Two of the most ignorant phrases ever invented was “Don't be a victim”  and “Just get over it.” I am a victim... have been a victim, and currently trying to not become one again!

Obviously there is something to “go over” before you can “get over” it right? The last time that I checked that involved a process, and it’s not as easy as telling someone to just “get over” it. For some, the process is a short one, but for others, the getting over part can be a very enduring. READ MORE
Let’s Boycott Hypocrisy Arizona Bureau 09/21/2013

Is there a task force formed for church homosexuals? I just want to ask a question because if so there are plenty of people that need to be reported, in music and leadership, right in your church where you look the other way and have been for years.

So you mean to tell me, with all the activity of going on in the church today, we want to support a Howard University Tonex concert boycott? A TONEX CONCERT?!! Wherever we all stand on the subject of homosexuality, we really need to be consistent and stop stoning some while our leaders in ministry are getting away with a lot. So if we set up a boycott on Tonex, I have a few Boycott demands of my own.

Let’s begin, shall we?  READ MORE
King Of The Pimp Preachers In Nigeria
Poor Christians Here Have Bishop T.D. Jakes -  Poor Christians In Nigeria Have Bishop David Oyedepo 09/21/2013 New Orleans Bureau

Our pastors have taught the African pastors just how to do it. The “it” I am referring to is how to take a group of poor people and convince them that the way to please God is to give the preacher some money. We have witness “it” play out in churches all across this country and in the Caribbean, and the only person who  has ever profited in any of these settings has always been the so-called Prophets/Pastors.

The roads to riches now go through the pulpit in Nigeria literally, because some of the richest men in the country are Pastors. Nigeria is a country in which 2/3 of the population exist well below what we would consider poverty in the United States. Having said that, a few these pastors have managed to accumulate the type of “Christ Cash” that would make even Bishop Eddie Long look like an Amor Bearer. Check Out Forbes Top Three Pimp Preachers In Nigeria
Another Child Raped By A Priest
Priest Arranged The Meeting With Teen Through Craigslist Penn Bureau 09/22/2013

A Catholic priest in Pennsylvania has been charged with molesting a teenage boy after police said he was found in a car on a college campus with a 15-year-old who was wearing no pants, according to a police criminal complaint filed Friday in Lackawanna County.

The Rev. W. Jeffrey Paulish was charged with one felony count of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and one felony count of unlawful contact with a minor after Dunmore police say they found him and the boy on Thursday in a car on the Worthington Scranton campus of Penn State University, according to the complaint.” READ MORE

How Pastors Treat The Children Conceived Outside Of Their Marriage
Commentary By Mr. Lomax Chicago Bureau 09/27/2013

Leaving the mother to hold on to the shame, the eyes of scrutiny and the child crying for a father people at his church believe can do no wrong. Are there no scarlet letters for men of the cloth? Are pastors, those especially having kids out of wedlock that they'll do nothing for, above reproach and correction?

There seems to be a reversal of the catch-22 rule when it comes to pastors. They're the men of God if they do right and the men of God if they do wrong. Pulpit pedestal-placing pew sitters justify wrongs just like toxins released in the air justify acid rain; seems to be just the way it is, or is it. Please readt this letter to Pastor Adkins and I will rejoing you onthe other side. READ THE LETTER SHE WROTE TO HER DAD!
Daughter Tells Pastor Bill Adkins To Go To Hell
Another "So-Called" Apostle Charged With Having Sex With Underage Girl Palm Beach Florida Bureau 09/28/2013

Reports are coming in out of Palm Beach Florida that another Pastor has been arrested for molesting a child. Molestation Prevention Week has one more day remaining when we received an arrests report today indicating that Apostle Stephen Stubbs was being detained for having sex with an underage member of his congregation.

According To local new affilate WPTV - WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A Wellington religious leader has been arrested and charged with having sex with an underage girl. SEE VIDEO
Crime Of Passion!
Wife Filed A Rape Charge Against Pastor Ronald Harris Sr. Only After
Husband Found Text Messages Exclusive From Lake Charles LA. 09/30/2013

A member of the congregation has confirmed that the shooting at Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center was more than likely because the late Pastor Ronald Harris Sr. appear to have been involved with the Shooter’s wife. Church members who asked not to be named are confirming reports that the pastor not only had an ongoing affair with Woodrow Karey’s wife but possibly his daughter as well, which is what led to the shooting.

As more women have come out to make allegations that they have slept with the shooting victim, another member has said that the now deceased pastor had many affairs throughout the congregation. SEE VIDEO

The Rap Game & The Preaching Game

Dirt Roads To
Black Wealth 10/02/2013 New Orleans Bureau

The reason the Preaching Game has become more appealing than the “Dope Game” or “Music Game” is perhaps because the money is automatic. 

Whereas in the Rap Game you actually have to write, compose, and produce a hit CD, the Preaching Game only requires Malachi 3:10. The automatic wealth that is generated from pulpits is hoarded by prosperity preachers who use the name of Jesus as a hedge-man to collect on their behalf. This system of “Bring Ye All The Tithes” only results in the preacher getting richer and the congregational peasants remaining in their current condition. READ MORE
Preacher Propofol
Are Preachers Using Church To Rock Us To Sleep? New Orleans Bureau 10/02/2013

I am a really big Michael Jackson fan, especially the “Off The Wall” Michael Jackson. Way back in 1978 my mother used to hang album covers on the wall as decorations, our living room was dedicated to the Jacksons. We had the Off The Wall poster of MJ standing in front of that brick wall, I can still see it today. So to witness the Dr. Conrad Murray trial was really difficult because Michael Jackson was a major part of my Childhood, and someone I deeply admired.

Unfortunately Michael Jackson was an addict and he used extreme measures in order to feed his addiction, and in his own mind, get some needed relief from his issues. Dr. Murray was paid $150K per month to serve as MJ’s personal physician, but we now know that he was only Michael’s dope dealer, administering a powerful drug that rocked him to sleep every night. TO CHECK YOUR DOSE CLICK HERE
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