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Name: Pastor Jamal Bryant- Empowerment Temple AME - Baltimore, MD
Reported by: Using Church Folk
"Yesterday (Tuesday) a settlement was reached in the lawsuit against AME Bishop John Bryant for his role/responsibility in allowing (the late) Rev. Sylvester Laudermill Jr. to molest multiple minors in both St. Louis and Los Angeles AME churches. For the AME savvy, the Bryant name is not unfamiliar with controversy.

Bishop Bryant's son Jamal-Harrison Bryant, is pastor of the 10,000-member Empowerment Temple AME church in Baltimore. Ironically, in J.H. Bryant's most recent Father's Day sermon titled, The Curse of R-Kelly, he asked where are the fathers who will protect their children from pedophiles, like the singer (who later was acquitted on all charges).

Not so ironically, the youtube clips featuring the sermon were recently pulled which MonKelly takes to be uh um a coincidence.

For those unaware, J.H. Bryant's ministry has long been dogged by accusations of adultery and sodomy, including an unsubstantiated rumor that the younger Bryant impregnated a 17-year-old girl. Although church officers asked him to step down pending a paternity test, Bryant remained in the pulpit. No word on the result of the paternity test or if one was ever given. This is not including a recent revelation that he has an 8-year-old daughter from before his marriage, made public due to court-ordered child support, not through public admission.

Yes, fathers, pedophiles and the AME church a coincidence.

And for those who doubted the veracity of the rumors, they were enough for his then wife Gizelle to file for divorce in February of 2008, alleging among other things, adultery.

The Baltimore Sun characterized their marriage as follows:

Bryant and his wife, a former model, are known for their flashy lifestyle, which includes a Bentley and a multimillion-dollar Canton waterfront property. Their lifestyle has attracted criticism from those who say the church is more about his business enterprises and building wealth than religion. Her original divorce complaint stated that he earned more than $350,000 a year.

If the city of Baltimore jumps out at you the reader, it's probably because that once upon a time, the elder Bryant used to pastor the venerable Bethel AME in Baltimore. That would be the SAME Bethel AME back in the news for its music minister Timothy Price being sentenced to 7 years in prison for repeatedly raping a 12-year old girl recently. Coincidentally, the younger J.H. Bryant was also the assistant pastor at Bethel from 1997-2000.
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Preacher Bureau of Investigations
Exposing The Greed In Our Pulpits
Preacher Alert
The Following Preacher has been reported to the Preacher Bureau of Investigations.

Name: Bishop Kent Branch - Pilgrim Cathedral of Atlanta - Decatur, GA 
Reported by: space28 
Also see - Bishop Kent Branch  Part 2
"Salvation is NOT FREE @ Pilgrim Cathedral of Atlanta - EVERYTHING COST! 

Question:  Can you afford to be a member of Pilgrim Cathedral of Atlanta?

Bishop Kent David Branch is the full-time pastor (no 9-5 outside job) of Pilgrim Cathedral of Atlanta. He has a ministry of about 350-400 members, yet he lives in the exact same neighborhood as a professional millionaire athlete such as Evander Holyfield (million dollar+ home)- on the same street as Gospel recording artist Canton Jones.  Inside his house is a home theater and bowling alley.

You would think that he had 3000+ members.  He drives a Bentley that the church bought for his anniversary.  The church pays for the house. I assure you...they do not have celebrities, professional athletes in the church.  Low to mid-income workers made up majority of the congregants.  Approximately 6-8 of the members were "upper-class" members.

Bishop Branch stands before his congregation EVERY 3RD SUNDAY in the middle of the aisle and demands his Bishop's offering (Shepherd's offering).  Before the offering is taken up a member (leader in the church) stands before the congregation and give a 5-10 minute biblical teaching or testimony as to WHY YOU SHOULD BLESS [pay] BISHOP BRANCH. 

Each member is required to give him at least $50 a month, plus their 10% tithes and two offerings during the service.  His wife gets her offering on 2nd Sundays ($30.00 or more).  Each service there is a general offering that is taken up and after the SERMON - preached word - there is another offering - SEED OFFERING....in order for the "preached word" to come to pass you have to "sow a seed"...basically pay for the "Word". 

The 3rd weekend of every month is Bishop's Weekend.  On 3rd Saturday you have to meet at the church for 8 am prayer and afterwards you are to buy breakfast (all money goes directly to Bishop).On the 3rd Sunday you are also strongly influenced to purchase a Sunday dinner ($8.00 or more). Bishop Branch teaches that the order that members are to give is as follow: (1) Bishop's offering (2) Tithes & (3) Offering. Yes - his offering comes before GOD!  Every month he post the tithes report which shows who has paid their tithes..if your name is not on the list, you cannot participate in any ministries (choir, etc) and you have to meet with the Asst. Pastor and you are ostracize and shamed.

Once a year there is the Bishop's Anniversary wherein each member is REQUIRED to give at least $150.00, every ministry is REQUIRED to raise at least $1000. There are people assigned - Captain's that will HOUND/HARASS you every week about your money (worse than bill collector's). As the ministry leader it is your responsibility to come up with the $1000 mandatory offering...which may mean asking the members of that ministry to give an additional amount (outside of their required/mandatory $150) and if you are in more than one ministry - it adds up and you are required to pay even if you are in 3-4 ministries.

Every Watch Night service (December 31st) you are required to give an offering - the amount correlates with the year...2010 - you are required to pay either $2010 or $210.00...plus members give Bishop Branch an individual offering.

The church sends Bishop and/or his family on expensive vacations 3-5 times a year.

On his birthday he stands in front of the church for his birthday offering...one year he didn't get the response he wanted and he actually stood at the exit door at the end of service stopping members before leaving asking where is his birthday gift (money).

There have been several members leave because they basically could not afford to attend the church anymore.

His very first member that joined his church, got married in the church.  On her wedding day, while in her wedding dress, standing outside the main door, was stopped before going down the aisle by one of the trustees and asked for her $1000.00 payment.  She had to ask someone to go get her purse out of the car before she could get married.

The church also has a Daycare (Pilgrim Christian Academy and Learning Center - PCALC)and a Pre-K program in which Bishop receives all of the money.  PCALC receives state money for parents and there are some parents who have taken their children out of the daycare and the Prior to becoming a Pastor, Bishop Branch was a Accounting so he knows how to "doctor the books".  PCALC is staffed with church members and their tithes are taken out of their payroll checks before they receive them (just like Federal taxes).  The church secretary works in the church office and the daycare...but receives little money for both jobs. 

Once a year members are asked to give a First Fruit offering in which they must give either (1) month salary, (2) weeks salary or (1) week salary.  Prior to the due date.  Each member must fill out a form and pledge this offering.  Each member also stands before the church and announces in the microphone how much they are pledging whether it's (1) month salary, (2) weeks salary or (1) week salary.  Even members who are unemployed or low-income have to make a pledge. Unemployment counts. 

If a members is down and out and need financial assistance from the church another offering is taken up from the congregation and instead of giving the member a check from the church account (that's what tithes and offerings are for) the already over-taxed members give money and the money is taken into the office and counted and then the Bishop decides how much of that collection the member is actually going to receive and the amount given is a LOAN...yes you have to give your social security number and you have to pay the money back to the church....(even though the money did not technically come from the church).

Bishop Branch, his wife and their children have separate armorbearers/assistants/entourage who serve them all day on Sunday and even come to the house to clean, wash clothes, cook and serve as maids/waiters/servants during holidays and special ocassions....ALL VOLUNTEERS...no one is paid.  There is a man - who does all of the shopping (clothes, decorations for home, church) for Bishop, his family and the church.

Throughout the week the entourage/armorbearers/assistants go out to house and run errands, clean, cook, landscape yard, etc.

If you have any skills, business, - your skills and businesses (landscaping, catering) are for the church (Bishop Branch) use - FREE OF CHARGE.

One of his favorite scriptures: Matthew 10:41 King James Bible
"He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward."

Bishop Branch teaches that he is a prophet and when you receive him as such you will bless him and in doing so you will be blessed with a prophet's reward...but THUS FAR...HE and his family are the only ones profiting (receiving the blessings).

Members have to pay Bishop Branch for every significant thing in his life: birthday, wedding anniversary, church anniversary, Shepherd's month (every 3rd month).  If responses are slow he will stand in the pulpit and ask you to stand up if he (not God)has helped you get an apartment, job, car, house and by standing you acknowledge that you wouldn't have these things if it were not for him and therefore you should HONOR HIM by giving your money.  Now this "help" is not financial help. "Help" = he prayed for you to get it, not God has blessed you. 

You are only blessed by God as you bless the pastor - Bishop Branch.

I could go on....Go to a 3rd Sunday service...." church website:  www.pilgrimcathedral.com"
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"Why are "you" still there? If you know the word enough for yourself, then seek the Lord's direction as He gives you a new direction.  There are other churches in the area who stands on the WORD of God and not the WORLD of goods.  Review Romans 12:2.  Let not your heart continue to be troubled. Blessings unto you. Go in peace and go with God!!!!"

Deacon Perry  - Oct 6, 2010

"It's awful that men have the nerve to do this in the name of Jesus,however they do and they are only able to do it because there is a lack of knowledge concerning the word.All I can say is Gal.6:7 Be not deceived;God is not mocked:for whatsoever a man soweth,that shall he also reap."

Sayles - Oct 7, 2010

"Just when you think you have heard it all . . . Take a bow Mr. Branch"

Clarence - Oct 10, 2010

"Some of the things yours does reminds me of things mine does. The thing is these false leaders are so bold that if you don't see this stuff for yourself it's hard to believe it when others tell you. I am trying to put in words the story of this blind joker and his blinder followers. In time I will, but right now I'm still tired from the battles and feeling just drained and disgusted!"

Bernice 10/10/2010

"Sad that a "man of God" will abuse his authority.  I would move on and pray that God will have mercy upon his soul!  For God's does not share his glory with anyone!  Sounds like he needs an humbling experience to bring him back to his senses and help him remember that he is a SERVANT TO HIS PEOPLE NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!"

Na - 10/10/2010

"One of my friends attended Pilgrim and this is what she wrote:

Read it for yourself - http://www.lipstickalley.com/f83/atl-preacher-dr-diana-branch-woman-amazing-81797/ - scroll down and read all of the comments"

R.P.   - 10/13/2010

"On whose authority is this person a "bishop"?  Self-proclaimed? A true bishop can prove apostolic succession."

The Medic - 10/18/2010

"This would be sad if it wasn't true. What is sad is someone is going to try and justify his actions and even use scriptures. You may get mad that someone posted it but you cannot dispute or deny that its true."

realist - 10/19/2010

"It's all about what is considered "entitlement".  We hear it out in our churches too.  They should just be honest and say 'I have served the Lord for blank years, and I have been blessed...by your tithes and offerings because I deserve it"  Would that be more honest?"

Marita - 10/19/2010

"The ministry needs to  be regulated like other proffesions such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers et. This may cut down on the number of pulpit pimps coming into the ministry. As stands now, a pulpit pimp is the only legal pimp that can earn money without having creditials or a formal education. The are many pulpit pimps in the pulpit who can not read or write standard English, they have the gift of gab."

Murder p - 10/26/2010

"I visited recently I thoroughly enjoyed the service. The only people I saw wearing the same clothes were the ushers and the choir.  He also mentioned that he is a teacher at 2 colleges.  So he has a job."

cece - 11/02/2010

"I know there are many 'insiders' who will dispute the claims in this article but, I can tell you as one who worshiped in this congregation and served the ministry and Branch family, it is MOSTLY TRUE. Some things may have changed over time - like church workers and those working at their home being paid a nominal fee - but sadly most of these things are accurate. PCA does not provide health insurance or fair wages. I even heard they were not paying [payroll] taxes and it cost the employees problems with the IRS. PCA hides behind their 501C3 status and use it to manipulate systems and processes. Bishop and Pastor hide behind their titles and pastoral authority and use them to exploit the people."

Brokenhearted Servant of The LORD  11/02/2010

"I use to be a member of this church when it first started in ATL. Judgement starts in the house of GOD first. " 

Evangelist B -11/02/2010

"I wrote about this church in 2007 on another site http://www.lipstickalley.com/f83/atl-preacher-dr-diana-branch-woman-amazing-81797/.

And its sad that things have not changed. When I was there the members didn't see anything wrong and I will not be surprised if now they will dispute it. I think that is typical of the cult mentality. Before I left I discussed it with my gal pal that invited me to this church and she didn't deny things but tried to defend or justify things because the Word preached is good and convincing but it was still true. My advice to all of the members who are still there try stepping back and really opening your eyes and see it for what it is THE TRUTH."

Curvvy - 11/03/2010

"One of the commenters mentioned that Bishop stated he has a job. That he might, but I can testify to the fact that most of the article is true. Birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, cars, etc. I was over two auxilaries at PCA.  Just know that you are pressured to come up with the money. It is boarder line cult. It is called control in the worse way. Or let's just say they find a scripture to support what they do. WOE BE UNTO THE PASTORS THAT DESTROY AND SCATTER THE SHEEP OF MY PASTURE! SAITH THE LORD...Entitlement is a good word for this ministry.  The problem is people don't know that they are being brainwashed in the name of Christ. In the beginning the church was on it, but something happened. Bishop started out green(unexperienced) but it did not take him long to figure out HOW THE OTHERS WERE DOING IT. He matured and figured out how he could get paid. Judgement will start in the house of God first. On judgement day we all have to make a account  bef ore a just GOD."

keeping it real -11/03/2010

"Who ever you are that wrote this article,you did the right thing by LEAVING. I would be VERY upset to know I was sitting next to you on Sunday.  How has this article profitted you.....
Proverbs 6:16-19
16These six things doth the LORD HATE: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
17A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
18An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren."

Cynthia - 11/03/2010

"I didn't realize there was another posting and from a guy.


Did you read it? "

Curvvy - 11/03/2010

"I think members are upset and claiming that its lies because they don't want others to know about it.  Because its one thing when you know about its another thing when others know it and then you have to admit it. But now as a member you have to consider what it says about you that know and still remain there. What you need to do is just say TRUTH LORD."

rp - 11/03/2010

"As a fairly new member I cannot confirm that everything written in Part 1, Part 2 or the comments that followed are true but I do BELIEVE ALL OF IT.  The things I cannot personally confirm may have either taken place prior to my joining the ministry or I may not be in a specific ministry to have experienced it. However, many of the things written I do know are true from personal experience. Members may dispute some of the wording but to say that they are all lies is THE BIGGEST LIE.  For example we may not be ‘REQUIRED’ to do the things mentioned but we are ‘STRONGLY’ encouraged.   On every Sunday we are given different offering envelopes and there is a specific envelope for our Bishop’s offering and a specific envelope for our First Lady.  On 3rd Sunday Bishop Branch may not 'DEMAND' but he definitely stands in the center aisle and receives his offering in his hands. We are asked to stand if we have our Bishop’s offering and asked to place his offering in one hand and our tithes and offerings in the other.  And as a member you do feel ‘uncomfortable’ if you do not stand and give him his offering.  It is extremely financially taxing and we are taught to be givers and that we will be rewarded for our giving. We give of our Time, Talents and Tithes.  And there is a scripture given for everything we do.

What I find most disturbing since these postings is the reactions of the members and leaders.  Everyone is so concerned about WHO wrote it rather than the fact that it was written.  Majority of the people automatically dismisses the fact that these are specific, accurate, detailed accounts made by someone who obviously sat in this ministry for a number of years and there is a lot of validity to it.  To say that these are lies is preposterous.
Even our First Lady, her daughter a selective members are using our ‘Facebook’ church to lash out with scriptures of doom and attacks on people’s wall.  I can understand being upset and feeling the need to defend but the manner in which it is being done is so embarrassing and un-Christ-like.  I did not realize that there were two-sides to our First Lady.  I admire the class and integrity in which the First Lady of New Birth and Bishop Long’s children are handling their allegations.  They are faced with more damaging and international sexual allegations yet they are very humble and gracious.   I can only imagine how our First Lady would handle things if there were allegations that questioned her husband’s sexuality and abuse of young men.

Although I may not agree with this forum I can certainly understand why a person would use it.  There is such a subliminal fear that is placed on the members with the use of prayers of wrath, scriptures of doom, prophetic revelation (God will prophetically reveal it), fear of not being submissive, fear of being shunned that members are literally afraid to say anything, perhaps that’s why our First Lady is using our ‘Facebook church’ to further instill fear.

With most of our members on Facebook this maybe a tactic to prevent anyone else from revealing our ‘church secrets’ while encouraging the cliques to follow her lead of denying the allegations and of attack those who have already come forth .  Pilgrim does not create an atmosphere that is conducive for a person to express any questions, concerns or disagreements with leadership.  You are shunned if you dare question things because that translates into speaking against the leaders or leadership.  Even at prayer this week you can hear people praying for God to reveal who is writing these things and praying the prayers of wrath upon then.  We were also asked to pray for the leaders as if they were the victims.  I am praying for the souls that have obviously been hurt and abused by this ministry which I believe are some of the same people who are writing these postings.  I’m fairly certain that the leaders of Pilgrim are going to try and figure out who I am and discuss me on Facebook.  I don’t know who started this ball rolling but I have a feeling its only just begun."

Member OnTheFence - 11/05/2010

"I think the person who wrote this posting is simply: "exposing the unfruitful works of darkness" Eph 5:11"

Tru Worship - 11/05/2010

" I sat in service today appalled and ashamed. Sad to report that there is no change. No humility instead prideful praise session with a justifiable attitude. Each day I sit in service I am losing respect and questioning the integrity of the leadership. It's hard to just walk away because as a member you are subconsciously as connected to people as you are to God and it makes it difficult to severe ties. Am I locked into a mild level of a cult? Please pray for our release."

memberonfence 11/07/2010

"I can honestly say that the counsel who proposed this article has alot of time on their hands and are unhappy human beings. For someone to compose all of these wicked lies about the MAN and WOMAN of GOD is just down right DISGUSTING! The BIBLE says "Touch Not My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm.樗  (Ps 105:15), and I PRAY that the reprobate MINDS be SAVED and DELIVERED from GOSSIP, A LYING TOUNGE, DECIET, etc. Yes, people are entitled to their own opinions but when your OPINIONS are NEGATIVELY influencing others there is a problem!! The BLOOD of the LOST and CONFUSED is on your hands because of the RUMORS. Some STATEMENTS may be FACT but are  not TRUTH!! Praying for the AUTHOR(S) of this article! MAY THE PEACE OF THE LORD BE WITH YOU!!"

I LOVE PCA!! - 11/08/2010

"To Member on the Fence, You ae not LOCKED into anything!! If you want to LEAVE than DO SO!! For you to stay at PILGRIM is not MANDATORY. I will be praying for your SPEEDY release as well, we don't need any more negativity in our congregation!! "

I LOVE PCA - 11/08/2010

"The mandate from my conscience and dedication to the truth will not permit me to hide my identity on this blog or anywhere else.  I have been a member of Pilgrim Cathedral since the year 2000, attending this church since 1997.  The allegations mentioned by a few is causing such a stir in the membership that it compels me, and hopefully others, to clarify the worship experience.

With glory to the example of Christ, the purpose of this castigation must be questioned.  If I am to assume correctly, the complainants are conveying a sense of violation, exploitation and abuse of spiritual authority. The angry exchange between present members and former members has compelled me to articulate my stance a lot sooner than I expected.  I am not voicing my views under the counsel nor direction, nor request of anyone at Pilgrim Cathedral so as to permit disclaimers by anyone in disagreement with me.

My testimony here does not assault anyone's perception, but I do ask,  what is the goal of this expose?   What is being asked of the Bishop?  I can assume the answers and he can make whatever changes his morality dictates, if that is needed.  But how does one person satisfy every complaint?  The Church as an institution  has been placed under severe question as it is. Are we trying to bring down the Pilgrim Church or Bishop Branch?

Because of the style of communication that is portrayed on this blog .... throughout the website,  wounded people are being encouraged to spew anger and vicious points of views.   If this were truly a Godly site, it would not only encourage people to speak up, but it would offer suggestions or a process to alleviate the problems at Pilgrim or anywhere else.

I witnessed a lot of bewilderment this past Sunday.  Although the service was high-spirited, many members, including the Bishop were obviously upset.  It's difficult to think that a leader will simply stop in his tracks because of a group of people who have band together to discredit him.  Let's analyze that ...... If you were a leader of a church or corporation, what would be your style or approach to massive criticism and attack?   As a member, affiliate or employee, what would be your approach to make a complaint that you wish to be respected and acted upon?  This is where I question the motive and the expected outcome of this issue.

Members of Pilgrim do exercise Free Will in giving.  There are those who tithe, some who give in extra offerings, and some who give what they can. Surely, ALL ministers plea for money, especially in these severe economic times.  In all my years of attendance, I have not heard any grumbling and complaining until this expose came forth.  Members also exercise free will in participation in the activities of the church.  This holds true for attendance and where one sits on the pew.  There's no need for me to defend what has been a personal point of view for some disgruntled "former" members.

Believe me, especially those who are querying this website.  Nothing good comes from this.  Despite one's freedom to speak up, the ramifications are also important.  Lives are being affected in many ways ... too many to explain here.  The outcomes, at this point, seem to be aiming at spiritual division more than eternal  conciliatory measures.  There has to be a residual feeling of love for God and the body of Christ .... I pray for that.  There has to be a regard for the example of what we are actually doing as Christian example-setters.  The complainers are doing a fine job of retaliation while the responders are lashing back.  Is this what the blog is seeking to accomplish?  Are we their instruments for wealth building.

Let's look at the corporate objective of the owner(s) of this website to sell products and place this blog into the "wall street" arena.  Advertisers are multiplying everyday.  Gossip and venom actually sells!  Are we pawns to further the goals of moneymakers?  Is this escorting another form of obtaining wealth?  What do we get from this?  Are the complainers being paid?  What's the goal?

Those who continue to flog ministers this way are participating in the same manner as the historical biblical personalities who crucified our savior, his disciples, and christian followers and believers through the ages until now. Leaders who fall are usually betrayed by followers who had only false love and questionable motives as followers.  Could this also be the problem?

My comments are not designed to make excuses for anyone, but God does plant messages throughout the Bible that teach us to forgive, reconcile and continue to do His will.  We cannot do the will of God while fighting one another.

Let's end this trick of Satan and come to a table of reconciliation.  I will not buy into the Bishop's style of living, his or his wife's car nor where he works to earn the living to support his family. I do know that he is a professor and public speaker and it's only plausible to assume that he receives wages for his work.   What I have bought into and will continue to support, is the message of salvation he teaches.   Too many lost souls come into the worship services and we cannot afford to let them be sidetracked by all this bickering. Who will save them then?  That's a trick of Satan!

People,  if you love the Lord, you must take a leadership role in being a part of the solution.  My personal empowerment is to support the Bishop, Pilgrim Cathedral and voice my concerns individually when I am discomforted.  If my issues are not respected, I can exercise the option to leave.

This entry does not encourage gossiping or any form of wrong-doing on anyone's part.  It does not condone anything that is non-biblical.  It does seek to harness whatever love remains if that's impossible.  It is true that Bishop Branch has delivered many people who were lost in sin. This includes me!  He has helped many members and not publicized his actions.  For what he has done, he deserves better regard than all this.

Why would I sit idly by and let anyone destroy him?   Please cease this and let's let the Spirit of the Christ lead us.  God Bless the reader and ones who pray.  God Bless the Bishop, his family, the parishioners of Pilgrim Cathedral and those who are hurting.  God is a healer and if we are truly led by Him, we will get through this.  In the matchless name of Jesus,  I pray for peace .......... Dr. Joyce J. Dorsey

Dt. Joyce J. Dorsey 11/09/2010

"To “I love PCA” you just confirmed what I read in the Minister vs Sinister article, especially this paragraph:


In treating the members as children they are taught to NEVER speak against the leader. If fact, any questioning of the ministry teachings, any criticism, any independent thinking is considered a form of rebellion. “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” I Chron. 16:22. There will be a strong emphasis on authority, unquestioning obedience and submission. Members become afraid to say anything, even if they know something is wrong because speaking against what they KNOW to be wrong is speaking against the “Pastor” and it’s a SIN.

They are convinced that if the Pastor is wrong – God will get him and when the “wrong’ is continued they assume the Pastor was right. And if anyone is ever so bold to speak against the leader they are ostracized by the entire church.  Yes, this “loving” church will turn their back on you.

My question:  WHERE IS THE LOVE? Just because a person voices their experience, disapproves of the leaders actions this is your response?

"To Member on the Fence, You ae not LOCKED into anything!! If you want to LEAVE than DO SO!! For you to stay at PILGRIM is not MANDATORY. I will be praying for your SPEEDY release as well, we don't need any more negativity in our congregation!! "

Just by reading the article and comments on this page it is clear that there is more than one person who has given their account of their experience at your ministry.  Rather than suggestion that “member on the fence” leave why not OPEN your eyes to the things that are happening around you.  Try looking at things from another person’s perspective.  TRY showing godly love.  Did you read the initial article and the comments that followed?  As “member on the fence” stated – “specific, accurate, detailed accounts made by someone who obviously sat in this ministry”.  Just because they may not be your experience doesn’t make it a lie.
In your own statement you said “Some STATEMENTS may be FACT but are not TRUTH!!”
Huh? Do you even know what it is that you are trying to say?  For future references here are Webster’s definition of the two words you used.

Webster - FACT
: the quality of being actual : actuality <a question of fact hinges on evidence>
a : something that has actual existence <space exploration is now a fact> b : an actual occurrence <prove the fact of damage> : a piece of information presented as having objective reality — in fact : in truth

Webster - TRUTH
: sincerity in action, character, and utterance
a (1) : the state of being the case : fact (2) : the body of real things, events, and facts : actuality (3) often capitalized : a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality b : a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true <truths of thermodynamics> c : the body of true statements and propositions
a : the property (as of a statement) of being in accord with fact or reality b chiefly British : true 2 c : fidelity to an original or to a standard capitalized Christian Science : god — in truth : in accordance with fact : actually

Like “member on the fence” I am praying for the souls that have obviously been hurt and abused by this ministry which I believe are some of the same people who are writing these postings.
Something to consider:  Members of a cult can find no wrong in their leader.
Crying For the Souls

Note to Moderator of this site: Thanks for giving the wounded and abused a safe haven to express their pain and disappointments because clearly at "some" churches you will be attacked and kicked out.

Crying For Souls 11/09/2010

"Showing GODLY LOVE??? You are sitting here VERBALLY ATTACKING someone because YOU and YOUR ARMY disagree with what the order of the house is! I have been at PILGRIM CATHEDRAL OF ATLANTA all my life, and not once have I ever experienced the lights, water, gas, etc. disconnected at either location. I dont see how someone can be "LIVING A LAVISH LIFE" and the expenses of the CHURCH not met! My question to whomever YOU are is WHY ARE YOU SO BITTER AND ANGRY? Im pretty sure YOU have been to restaurants where you disagreed with the service but did you BLAST it all over the INTERNET? I have never in my life seen so many "GROWN" FOLK keep up so much MESS in my LIFE!! And YES I do know EXACTLY what I was saying when I said "STATEMENTS MAY BE FACT BUT NOT TRUE"!!! IF IM PART OF THE "PURPLE KOOLAID CULT" AS QUOTED, WELL SO BE IT, LET GOD DEAL WITH ME AND EVERYBODY ELSE!!"

I LOVE PCA - 11/09/2010

"DT Joyce just wrote:"Bishop Branch has delivered many people who were lost in sin. This includes me!  He has helped many members and not publicized his actions.  For what he has done, he deserves better regard than all this."
BISHOP DOES NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO DELIVER ANY ONE OR ANYTHING.  Here is where the propblem lies.  Bishop is not GOD. That is the problem, we seem to think of ourselves more than we ought.  PREACHERS ARE JUST MEN... So was Jim Jones, but his people did not have the choice to LEAVE... You do.. People are using this forum to vent their greivances because it is not allowed in PCA.  IF you disagree with,"LEADERSHIP" you are called into the office and given your sitting down papers.  But don't forget you are shunned by leadership and by members.  But let's not forget the sermon that was designed just to customize YOU>>>  PCA's leadership, just repent and ask God for a better way to pay your bills... Not the church bills THE BRANCHES because they are not giving it to the laborers. "

keepingitreal  - 11/09/2010

"God bless the article writer... It is time God's judgement comes down on these pastors (BISHOPS) who exploit Gods people.  Judgement will start in the house of God FIRST. Whoever called this article a lie is in denial.  Now PCA has to change its stradegy or REPENT BEFORE GOD AND MAN,come clean with it's members and TELL THE TRUTH.  I will take a polygraph test to validate what I am saying is true.  It is time for this to come out.  Everything that is done in the dark will come the light. GOD IS UNCOVERING MESS.

JUST FESS UP AND TELL THE CONGREGATION YOU NEED THE MONEY TO SUPPORT YOUR LAVISHED LIFE-STYLE. Did you also know that Bishop does not visit the sick and shut in?  He use to, but now I guess he doesn't want his BENTLEY seen in the parking space that is assigned to CLERGY. They have too much time on there hands to figure out how to sucker and manipulate poor christians out of their money.  GOD IS NOT PLEASED AND IT IS TO CLOSE TO JESUS COMING.  LET'S GET IT RIGHT CHURCH."

not a member anymore 11/09/2010

"Nowhere in my posting did I verbally attacked anyone. I merely asked "where is the love?" and pointed out that there is more than one person who has given their account of their experience.

YOU and YOUR ARMY? What army? These are individual people posting their comments. The only army I am in is the army of the Lord?

All my life?   The only way you would have been at “PILGRIM CATHEDRAL OF ATLANTA all my life” would be if you were a child born into the ministry.  As far as the utilities, wouldn’t it be difficult to collect the offerings in the dark? I would expect all of the utilities to be paid and stay connected. And by the way when did anyone question if the utilities and etc were taken care of but since you brought up the upkeep of the church, look how long it took to cover the pews. How many offerings did that take?  Also, where is the baby grand piano that was originally in the House of God? Whose house is it in now?

As far as handling bad service in the restaurant, I either got my money back or did not have to PAY for the services. Are you suggesting refunding all of the people who left the church because they disagreed with the unsatisfactory services?  Members do keep their end of the year financial statements for tax purposes.

My question to you – why are you so bitter and angry about different people expressing their experiences. Are you bitter about WHAT is being said OR the fact that IT IS being said on the world wide web?

If you are in fact a child how much of the so-called “mess” would you really know about?  A child’s perspective would differ from an adult’s perspective.  Since you say that you have been at “PILGRIM CATHEDRAL OF ATLANTA all my life”, where would you have gotten any other experiences?

Can you explain the “purple koolaid cult?  I do not see where it was quoted but I would like to read about that."

Crying Out For Souls 11/10/2010

"I think this is a great website because we have some of the same issues in my Church. Like your congregation, our members are beginning to grow weary of the constant offerings, and special days, while at the same time a member can't even go to the Pastor for help with a mortgage payment. I don't blame this site, I blame the Pastors who are taking advantage of their members. My Pastor lives in a gated community and none of the members are listed on the guest register with the security guard. My Pastor loves to talk about his boat, but only the elite of the church have ever gone fishing on a boat that was paid for with tithes. I have never had the chance to meet your pastor but I don't have too because he sounds alot like mine. We are trying to find a church home with a real man of God, who takes care of his members first. I will keep the site updated on our search, in the mean time I will pray for your congregation and ask that you pray for my family."

Not another offering! - 11/10/2010

"It has taken me a few days as I ponder how to address this article.  I had to search my heart first and deal with the human emotions, to respond in the flesh and to lash back, but honestly, we are taught differently.  We are taught to do as Jesus would do, so I realized, I do not have to defend Bishop Branch because he is a man of INTEGRITY and his life style in Christ will defend itself. I do not have to defend, Pastor Diana Branch, for she is a woman who's a true Woman of God or my PCA church family, a body of believers who strive to be disciples FOR Christ.   I am writing for the innocent readers who could believe a lie before they can hear the truth.  The first line is a lie, there are no half truths, it is either a lie or it’s not.  Bishop Kent Branch is employed professionally as an educator in two universities, where he is sent across this world to educate and teach others, ching$, ching$,ching$, ching$, in case you don't understand, HE MAKES HIS OWN MONEY.  He does not need the church to support him, but we do give him a LOVE OFFERING.

We have a campus of 6 different buildings where if anyone of the MAPS would have led you, you would find the lights ALWAYS on, the toilet flushed every time it was used, heat and air is plentiful, so need I go on, that knocks that lie out of the box, that he takes all of the money, WELL who pays the bills? 'its either a lie or its the truth',   he is an author, financial consultant, and motivational speaker and he has been employed at various Fortune 500 companies in the past, so his record speaks for itself, just so you know, he has five earned degrees, so he does not need to live off of the church, we couldn't afford to pay what he is worth anyway, so GOD's got his back!!!!!  Our ministry is a ministry of Excellence and our mission is to win the world for Jesus Christ.  I will not spend much time on the false accusations, but I want the  innocent readers to get a good back drop of the kind of man and pastor, Bishop Branch is.

He does drive a Bentley, however, "we" the church did not pay for it, he has favor on his life. The story was not told that he and Pastor Di have given away a volvo, a benz, and a van to give single women with children transportation.  It was not told that he has given furniture, money, gifts, mink coats, etc... to many of the members, it was not told that as a church family we were asked to support in giving to a family that was burned out, or put out, It was not told that he allowed many members to live on our campus because he believes in helping his own. It was not told that he has helped many to secure employment  that  they probably were not qualified for.   Well, I want the innocent bystander to see both sides of the fence. I could go on and on, but I will not! Well, all I ask is, .... by trying to defame ones name is this what Jesus would do?  Have you freed yourself from anger, bitterness, resentment,  un -forgiveness, envy, jealousy, etc….. by writing such an article?

Did the Holy Spirit  lead and guide you through this?   Every man and woman will have to give an account of every deed that is done in their body, SO WILL THE COUNSEL OF MAPS!!!!  Matthew 12: 36 states, But I tell you, on the day of judgment men will have to give an account for every idle (inoperative, non working) word they speak, so I ask you again, was this the working of the Holy Spirit?  Proverbs 26:27 says, Whoever digs a pit (for another man’s feet) shall fall into it himself, and he who rolls a stone (up a height to do mischief) it will return upon him.  Proverbs 12:22 states, Lying lips are extremely disgusting and hateful to the Lord, but they who deal faithfully are HIS delight.  Proverbs 6:16 declares, These six things the Lord hates, indeed, seven are an abomination to Him.  A proud look (the spirit that makes one overestimate himself and underestimate others), a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood.  A heart that manufactures wicked thoughts and plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, A FALSE WITNESS WHO BREATHES OUT LIES (even under oath) and he who sows discord among his brethren.

THIS IS THE WORD CHURCH!!!!  You may stand before the WWW and pronounce  lies and judgment, however, God is the RIGHTEOUS  JUDGE and he will vindicate his people.  You will not be able to stand before Our Lord and Savior and give an excuse, WHY, you were angry, bitter, unhappy, un-forgiven, etc….  Because he will say, I came to set the captive free.  What ever you need, GOD’s got it, if you need healing, he is the balm in Gilead, if you need deliverance, he is the deliverer,     You say you are free, you may be free from the ministry, but your heart is not free.  This plea is not about  the words that are put on paper, it is much more serious than that, it’s about your HEART.  This is not about money, this is about your HEART, and I will pray now :Father in the Name of Jesus, the God who is able to deliver and set the captive free, that you would send healing to the heart and souls of these individuals who must one day stand before you!

Let the peace of God rest in them, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Let your unconditional LOVE be at work through the BODY of CHRIST and tear down every strong hold and high thing that has exhalted  itself against the knowledge of your truth, bind the heart and mind of this counsel  to the heart and mind of Christ, and above all let forgiveness have its way through all of us, In Jesus Name I pray, and let the church say AMEN.


A Real Spiritual Daughter 11/10/2010

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